Celestial Programming : Full Moon Names

These moon names are of very dubious use in historical context, although they are generally intended to be used that way. However, they are fairly well accepted and standardized in modern times.

These names are often referred to as the "Indian Moon Names" (as in Native American). However, considering there are over 500 different recognized tribes left today, many of which do not speak the same language, and that North America has been inhabited for over 20,000 years, it should be quite obvious that these couldn't possibly represent the words used by all tribes. Worse, these names cannot be traced back to any tribe, and are more likely labeled as "Names Americans Claim the Indians Called the Full Moons". There are other sources which have lists by tribes and other cultures.

Since there is an occasional 13th full moon in a year, one of the months that year will contain two full moons. The second full moon in that month is considered a "Blue Moon". The first full moon of the month is still the "traditional" name from the list below.

JanuaryWolf Moon
FebruarySnow Moon
MarchWorm Moon
AprilPink Moon
MayFlower Moon
JuneStrawberry Moon
JulyBuck Moon
AugustSturgeon Moon
SeptemberHarvest Moon
OctoberHunters' Moon
NovemberBeaver Moon
DecemberCold Moon
13thBlue Moon