Celestial Programming : Convert Decimal Degrees/Hours to Components

It is common practice to refer to arcminutes as minutes, and arcseconds as seconds, and the reader must infer the meaning from the context. This may seem absurd and confusing. But the use of minutes and seconds to refer to subdivisions of degrees likely predated their use in time keeping. "Minute" comes from "minute division" (pronounced like "my newt"), and "second" from "2nd division". It is my recommendation that you always refer to arcminutes and arcseconds using their full or abbreviated (arcmin, arcsec) terms, unless depecting them with their symbols (' and ") as part of a full degree readout (e.g 274° 14' 11.04"). Referring to them using ' and " by themselves can possibly confuse the reader as those symbols are also used for feet and inches.

Right Ascension:Decimal hours, eg. 10.382938
Declination:Decimal degrees, eg. 32.38288
Longitude:Decimal degrees, eg. 249.382988
Longitude 2:Decimal degrees, eg. -85.7636