Hipparcos Catalog

I have converted the Hipparcos catalog J2000 coordinates and provided simplified versions in JSON format. Several files are available, each limited to a specific magnitude. You only need one file, not every file up to a specific magnitude. E.g. the hipparcos_6.5.js file contains all stars up to mag 6.5. The files are available at gmiller123456/hip2000.

The Hipparcos catalog is probably the most common among amateurs. It contains over 100,000 stars down to magnitude 13, which is good enough for a lot of work. It is often combined with the Tycho 2 catalog, and often with others linked below.

You may also use the VISIER system, which some of the links below point to. With it, you can limit the fields to just the ones you need, and also produce J2000 RA/DEC coordinates (most catalogs are in "of date" coordinates based on when they were produced).

A rendering of all of the stars in hipparcos_6.js